A decentralised reputation & rewards based system to facilitate Proof of Volunteering

About dApp

How Volunteer And Earn Works

Identify and reward users

Identify and reward users who have made volunteering contributions to the platform—a form of signalling, which those users can parlay into public reputation with NFTs in the form of Decentralised Identifiers (DIDs)

Provide a form of compensation

To provide a form of compensation that enables volunteers to liquefy some of the value they have created into an exchangeable currency ($VOLD token)

Reputation & rewards system

The world's first
Volunteer-And-Earn Protocol

Volunteer And Earn leverages blockchain to incentivize people to volunteer - providing opportunities to earn cryptocurrency for volunteering

Ability to earn crypto assets that can be traded as a currency and act as a utility in the network

Ability to build a decentralized reputation on the blockchain, not dependent on third parties

How it works

Two-pronged reputation & reward system where contributors receive $VOLD Tokens


NFT DID serves as a non-transferrable Onchain reputation signal


$VOLD is a transferrable asset dispensed on a regular cycle


$VOLD Tokens can be used as tradeable currency. Moreover, because $VOLD Tokens accrue to holders of NFT DID, $VOLD Tokens also have a link to the underlying reputation

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