Data Ownership


A New Way for Users to get Rewarded for their Data
About dApp

Decentralised Personal Language Model (dPLM)

On-chain Reputation

Vold Protocol leverages the Optimism Blockchain to verify users are human to participate in real world events. Also provides opportunities to earn cryptocurrency and build an On-chain reputation

$VOLD token

Ability to earn crypto assets that can be traded as a currency and act as a utility in the network

Proof of Humanness

Ensuring people are verified both in the physical and digital world. Enabling equal access for everybody in a decentralised way

How Proof
of Physical Work Operates

Additional Use Cases

Real-World Fan Events, Brand Activations & Corporate Engagements

Activities like Re-usable KYC, DeFi Functions, Reputation Scoring & NFT Transactions

Proof of Humanness

Verify Identity Together


Build On-chain Reputation


Reusable KYC for DeFi